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3 Nov 2019

Census 2018: population density

Last year (2018) there was a census, and after a long and turbulent process, the data is now gradually being released to the public.

One of the data tables already available is about population by Statistical Area 2 (formerly known as Area Units). In general over here these are areas of about a kilometre across, with a few thousands of people living in them.

The estimated population was given for the previous census years as well (2006 and 2013) so of course we are going to make a GIF. *1

Density in 2006, 2013 and 2018

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28 Oct 2019

Riding the Northwestern Cycleway

At last, I made it onto the Northwestern Cycleway. It skirts the Northwestern Motorway all the way up to Henderson. Mostly. This cycleway made it to the news a couple of times this year. Let’s see what the fuss is about.

For me that first requires a ferry ride. Which is pretty limiting in the weekends — having Skypath built will make this a lot easier.

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30 Sep 2019

Loitering around in Northcote Point

Northcote Point is a bit… special. There is not many places in Auckland where you’ll find this sort of landscape.

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16 Aug 2019

Riding the Northcote Safe Cycle Route

If you cross the Harbour Bridge to the north you touch down in Northcote Point

Northcote Safe Cycle Route

Or, perhaps more aptly, on Northcote Point. A sizeable part of the tip of what must once have been a quiet peninsula now looks like this:

And this thing is loud. Not just the usual traffic noise itself, but also the endless thuds of cars going over the seams between parts of the bridge. Somewhere nearby Skypath is meant to touch down, providing a bicycle link to the city across the harbour.

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12 Aug 2019

Two ways home from Wynyard Quarter

Last time, we were on Wynyard Quarter. For me, coming in from the North Shore, the obvious way in is to drive. But many people live close enough to come in on foot.

Once you start walking you’ll quickly encounter what I will here euphemistically call the rest of Auckland.

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3 Aug 2019

Wynyard Quarter, the new hipster paradise

Wynyard Quarter. The paradise of car free spaces, waterfront promenades and expensive restaurants. It is almost unimaginable that just over 10 years ago the fish market was sitting in the middle of some desolate old industrial land.

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30 Jul 2019

The most embarrassing missing pedestrian leg, continued

I wonder if this stupid missing pedestrian leg at Lightpath is still there.

So close, and yet…

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21 Jul 2019

Sugartree Lane

I was in the CBD again lately. Anyone even driving by must have noticed by now the new apartment complex going up on the corner of the city centre, Sugartree. Part of this developemnt is now complete. I was curious to take a look.

Sugartree lane, Nelson Street end

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20 Jul 2019

The slum of Hobson Street — or not?

To great consternation of many urbanists, some people refer to the area around Hobson Street as a slum.

Now obviously… you don’t see makeshift tents over there. People have all the modern conveniences like electricity, running water and sewers. So what’s going on?

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22 Apr 2019

Bold façade

In the newspaper a while ago: The new mall in Newmarket at 277 Broadway.

Expect dramatic entrance ways, soaring facades, glass double-level over-bridges and a dramatic, glittering temple to retail and leisure activity.

And, an image:

Plans show bold facades, according to the NZ Herald. Photo/Scentre Group

What is that? A levee? Border wall?

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6 Apr 2019

My kid almost died on Ponsonby Road

I visited Ponsonby last weekend, with the small kids. Big mistake. I should have seen it coming.

So, lucky as I was, I managed to park my car about 50 metres from where I was going to have lunch. That 50 m was enough to almost get one of my kids killed.

Spot the pedestrian crossing — Google Streetview

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27 Mar 2019

Highbury: bypass or not?

Bus line 97 (formerly known as 973 and 974) has an awkward dog-leg via Highbury Corner.

This is so slow. Why not go straight?

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6 Feb 2019

Actions & words: travelwise

Sometimes you see a travelwise school.

There it is, tucked away behind that driveway. “We are a Travelwise School.”

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22 Jan 2019

The case of the missing cross-town bus

Last year the New Network for the North Shore went live. Curiously, something is missing. These are the frequent bus routes on the lower North Shore, overlaid on the Unitary Plan map.

Unitary plan map *1, with frequent bus routes superimposed.

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20 Jan 2019

Dear New World

Dear New World Birkenhead,

I appreciate your effort to accomodate bicycles. But…

You don’t need a bicycle rack to hold your bike upright. You need it to lock your bicycle. This rack is too close to the wall to properly use a lock.

Christmas parade

I went to the Birkenhead Christmas parade (officially the Birkenhead Rotary Santa Parade).

Picture from the Rotary Birkenhead Facebook page *1

We all know how this works. We sit on the footpath and watch all kinds of floats parade on the street. You get to hear the horn of a fire engine from up close. Santa will wave at you. You’ll get some candy if you’re lucky.

So, let’s find a spot on the kerb to sit down. With a good view.

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