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30 Sep 2019

Loitering around in Northcote Point

Northcote Point is a bit… special. There is not many places in Auckland where you’ll find this sort of landscape.

The incessant beat of the traffic over the bridge dominates this area. Otherwise this would make a nice covered spot for all kinds of events. It becomes a bit less surprising that there is resistance against another addition to the bridge. But then again, a few cyclists… how bad can it possibly be?

This must once have been a really nice view over the harbour. There is a steep lane down to a boat ramp, with another of these unusual backdrops.

For those coming over the Harbour bridge, something you probably noticed are the trees on Alma Street.

The space in between is used to move and store a few cars. Quite the anticlimax.

Unlike the larger houses on Queen Street most houses here lack off-street parking spaces. It is sometimes hard to grasp why the council bothers with footpaths at all.

A street name like Beach Road tells you where once upon a time the beach was.

The beach has mostly disappeared under the motorway and former toll plaza. That was progress back in the day.

This is the lane on the other side of the fence if you just came over the Harbour Bridge.

There’s a little bit of beach remaining here.

At last a harbour view.

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