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6 Feb 2019

Actions & words: travelwise

Sometimes you see a travelwise school.

There it is, tucked away behind that driveway. “We are a Travelwise School.”

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22 Jan 2019

The case of the missing cross-town bus

Last year the New Network for the North Shore went live. Curiously, something is missing. These are the frequent bus routes on the lower North Shore, overlaid on the Unitary Plan map.

Unitary plan map *1, with frequent bus routes superimposed.

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20 Jan 2019

Dear New World

Dear New World Birkenhead,

I appreciate your effort to accomodate bicycles. But…

You don’t need a bicycle rack to hold your bike upright. You need it to lock your bicycle. This rack is too close to the wall to properly use a lock.

Christmas parade

I went to the Birkenhead Christmas parade (officially the Birkenhead Rotary Santa Parade).

Picture from the Rotary Birkenhead Facebook page *1

We all know how this works. We sit on the footpath and watch all kinds of floats parade on the street. You get to hear the horn of a fire engine from up close. Santa will wave at you. You’ll get some candy if you’re lucky.

So, let’s find a spot on the kerb to sit down. With a good view.

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22 Dec 2018

Urban or suburban?

Some people think apartments in cities are great. Even for families. Kids can play in the park. It is close to everything.

Other people think apartments are slums. Keeping kids in apartments borders on neglect.

And I fully agree with both of them.

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11 Dec 2018

Is driving for the rich too?

After creating that cycling mode share map, why not get them for other ways to get around as well? *1

First, walking:

Walking mode share

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25 Nov 2018

Park or Parking?

One of the more odd features of Hobson Street is the little cluster of businesses on the corner with Victoria Street. A few restaurants and grocery shops, surrounded by large apartment towers. In between we find a handful of parking spaces (with the obligatory collection of tow-away signs).

Vogel Lane

But is parking really the best use of that space? Is that really the way to draw in as many customers as possible?

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Who's writing?

I'm Roeland, and I have been living in Auckland since 2011. As expected when migrating, it takes some time to get used to things. I find it interesting to observe the city around me, first as a yuppie, and now as member of a family.

One of the odd things about this city is the contrast between the fantastic natural setting on one hand — harbours, scoria cones, and the backdrop of the Waitakere ranges — and the city itself on the other hand — dominated by cars and not very welcoming to actual humans.