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12 Oct 2018

A peek outside my bubble: property speculator whining group

Something washed up on my Facebook a while ago.

Name of the group may or may not be redacted

Sponsored. Hmmm. Someone is paying to spread this stuff. Maybe I have been targeted due to my searches about growing veggies in my garden, something which you pretty much can’t do unless you own your home. *1

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23 Sep 2018

Learning how to ride a bicycle in an apartment.

What is it about kids and suburbs? Why do you have to move out of the city centre once you get those little ones?

Many theories exist. Maybe people just don’t get it. That is a popular theory amongst urbanists. And if you’re arrogant enough to actually believe that, what about you go do some proverbial stuff with yourself.

So let’s try another approach. Some empathy. A popular opinion amongst the same urbanists is that riding a bicycle is awesome. So how will that work out with kids?

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26 Jul 2018

What's wrong with Aetoa Square?

Aotea Square is often described as barren and wind-swept. A hole in our city. Why is that?

Aotea Square

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7 Jul 2018

Wsomc’s handy old network to new network translator

And here comes the new public transport network for the North Shore. So, let’s have a look at the improvements around me, in the Kaipātiki area:

Part of the New Network, by Auckland Transport

That looks familiar. Really familiar

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16 Jun 2018

Pedestrians (and cyclists) also to gain right of passage across Cook Street

Last week I was wondering what’s up with that lonely pedestrian crossing on Hobson Street, while actually the worst street of them all is Cook Street.

And what do you know? Cook Street is next, and it will get an entire pair of cycleways.

Proposed crossing, consultation drawing by Auckland Transport

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11 Jun 2018

Pedestrians to gain right of passage across Hobson Street

Remember Hobson Street?

Yes, that one.

Not an easy one if you want to go across the street to the dairy.

It will, in theory, become a little bit easier, at least on one block, with AT proposing to install a new mid-block signalised crossing.

Consultation drawing by Auckland Transport

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27 Apr 2018

The far side of the windshield

Some observations of the far side of the windshield. I can’t read people’s minds, so I filled in some details…

Every day John Doe catches the bus to work on Glenfield Road. As usual in the morning he has to cross the road. He managed to cross to the middle of the street to the pedestrian refuge, but is now stuck with the endless stream of cars going to the city. With that endless steam comes his bus, and it pulls over…

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Who's writing?

I'm Roeland, and I have been living in Auckland since 2011. As expected when migrating, it takes some time to get used to things. I find it interesting to observe the city around me, first as a yuppie, and now with a family.

One of the odd things about this city is the contrast between the fantastic natural setting on one hand, harbours, scoria cones, and the backdrop of the Waitākere ranges, and the city itself on the other hand, dominated by cars and not very welcoming to actual humans.