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8 May 2017

I made a map: relief in Auckland

And now, back to that other interest of me: maps.

One of my favourites is maps showing the relief in the landscape. There’s the relief shading in Google’s terrain maps, or the height contour lines on topographic maps. But I find both hard to interpret. While both are good at showing the local relief, it’s difficult to make out the bigger picture. What I wanted was a map which uses a simple color map to represent elevation.

Let’s make one.

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21 Apr 2017

Wsomc’s guide to the Midtown bus route consultation.

Auckland transport is doing another small consultation, this time to figure out how buses coming from New North Road (the successors of the current 221, 223 and others) will return to the west.


The 3 options for the return route are shown in dashed lines. The orange lines show a new proposed route for NEX buses.

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21 Mar 2017

Up or out?

One of the classic dilemmas in city planning:

17 Mar 2017

Can we upgrade “living in the CBD” to a proper living arrangement?

Well, I’ve left the building. I’m now living in the ’burbs. Like normal people.

Apartments. Somewhere.

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7 Mar 2017

Pedestrian give way rules: “We’re thinking about it”

And now for some good news: the NZTA is investigating road user rules for people walking and cycling. In other words, this Unique Piece of Kiwiana Heritage is going obsolete.

Pedestrian give way rule — as of March 2017 *1

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29 Jan 2017

AT’s response to the Northcote Point consultation

So I submitted on this proposal for whatever they’re building on Queen Street in Northcote Point. Basically my previous post, but a more polite version. So a few weeks ago I got the feedback report in my inbox. And a distinct sense of déja vu.

Coming soon. *1

So the option with the double lane speed bump it is. Actually, nobody really wanted any of the 3 options, but as a politician would say, we have to do something.

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16 Nov 2016

What’s so special about those Link Buses?

Someone once told me that Ponsonby is about halfway from the city centre to Grafton.

Is it?


Yes it is:

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