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30 Jul 2019

The most embarrassing missing pedestrian leg, continued

I wonder if this stupid missing pedestrian leg at Lightpath is still there.

So close, and yet…

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21 Jul 2019

Sugartree Lane

I was in the CBD again lately. Anyone even driving by must have noticed by now the new apartment complex going up on the corner of the city centre, Sugartree. Part of this developemnt is now complete. I was curious to take a look.

Sugartree lane, Nelson Street end

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20 Jul 2019

The slum of Hobson Street — or not?

To great consternation of many urbanists, some people refer to the area around Hobson Street as a slum.

Now obviously… you don’t see makeshift tents over there. People have all the modern conveniences like electricity, running water and sewers. So what’s going on?

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