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18 Oct 2015

Just a minimal bit of courtesy

Some things can be codified in traffic law, like yielding to pedestrians at a zebra crossing. But often, being nice to each other is all we need to resolve a lot of situations.

Sometimes I fantasize of punishing inconsiderate people. But that shouldn’t be needed. Please show just a minimal bit of courtesy from time to time.

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4 Oct 2015

A collision of speed limits and politics

Let me tell you a cautionary tale about what can go wrong if politicians start meddling with the traffic rules.

A popular topic of talk back in Belgium are the speed limits. Why they are so slow. Where you got your latest speeding fine. How much over the limit, and how much euro? Many people consider speeding fines as unavoidable as next Monday. And that forest of speed limit signs. Meet the Belgian driver’s best friend:

Maximum 70 km/h

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