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7 Jul 2018

Wsomc’s handy old network to new network translator

And here comes the new public transport network for the North Shore. So, let’s have a look at the improvements around me, in the Kaipātiki area:

Part of the New Network, by Auckland Transport

That looks familiar. Really familiar

Because it is. With all the ridges and gullies in the area, there’s only so many places where we can have bus routes:

The relief in the area

So, since the new network isn’t really that new, here’s a handy translation table:

Old New
971 931
972 933
973 and 974 97B and 97R *1
975 and 976 942 *2
966 966
955 and 958 95B and 95C
957 917
That mothly bunch of lines around Northcote That new mothly bunch of lines around Northcote

If you want to go to Rangatira Road you should catch the ‘B’ variane and not the ‘R’ variant. The letter indicates where the bus terminates.


This bus doesn't loop back to Verrans Corner but terminates in Beachhaven. It also goes via Akoranga instead of Smales Farm. My guess: this avoids the debilitating congestion at peak hours on Northcote Road. Akoranga Drive has bus lanes.

There’s a few new things though:

But, disappointingly:

As a side note, across the motorway, the east coast area gets a much simpler and probably more reliable service pattern. I lived in Milford for a while, and man, those services sucked.

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