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21 Apr 2017

Wsomc’s guide to the Midtown bus route consultation.

Auckland transport is doing another small consultation, this time to figure out how buses coming from New North Road (the successors of the current 221, 223 and others) will return to the west.


The 3 options for the return route are shown in dashed lines. The orange lines show a new proposed route for NEX buses.

The options

#1: The lollipop

This one is easy to explain, it’s the current route.



#2: The line

This one is also easy to explain. It follows Wellesley Street.



#3: The line with the little box

This is a variation of number 2, but it has a slightly different solution for how to turn right from Wellesley Street to Symonds Street.

Pro and contra: the same as above, since the routes are so similar.


Which one to choose? Easy:


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