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30 May 2016

That’s not funny.

Ah another nugget of news blew over from back where I grew up. But first, a joke about council workers:

One day a workman came and dug a hole on the edge of the street. And then he started digging more holes further down the street, one every 10 metres. A few hours later, another workman came, and he began filling up the holes again, one by one.

A curious bystander went to the workman to ask what the point is. The workman answered, “There was supposed to be another guy planting trees, but he called in sick.”

Yeah, lame joke. Everybody knows those things don’t happen in real l—


Well. The utility pole was supposed to be replaced, but that didn’t go through. Blah blah.

The thing is, this story can end in two ways:

  1. The cycle lane or the pole is moved.
  2. Somebody dies, then we do (1). The article already talks about 3 accidents. Cyclists who didn’t see that one coming, especially in the dark. Hey, what about at least some reflectors until this is fixed?

Not funny at all.

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